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СВЕЌИЧКАТА ОГИ: Си играме продавница (С01Е15)

Published on Dec 18, 2018
🌈 Повелете во нашата Дримленд продавница! Придружете ни се (Subscribe) на нашиот Јутјуб канал и ќе добивате известување за секоја објавена епизода и песничка! "Свеќичката Оги" e интерактивна детска серија на компанијата Дримленд, сопственик на познатиот ланец игротеки во Скопје. Серијата претставува комбинација од играна акција и цртан филм на македонски јазик. Во неа учиме бои, форми, бројки и букви преку забава, а пееме и детски песнички. Subscribe:СвеќичкатаОгиYouTube Facebook: Дримленд апликација:МобилнаАпликација Веб страница:ИгротекиДримленд Автор и извршен продуцент на серијата е продукциската куќа Медиа Таг.МедиаТаг ------------------------------------------------------------ 🌈 Povelete vo nasata Drimlend prodavnica! Pridruzete ni se (Subscribe) na nasiot YouTube kanal i prvi ke gi gledate site nasi sodrzini. "Svekickata Ogi" e interaktivna detska serija na kompanijata Drimlend, sopstvenik na poznatiot lanec igroteki vo Skopje. Pretstavuva kombinacija od igrana akcija i crtan film. Vo nea ucime boi, formi, brojki, preku zabava, a peeme i detski pesnicki. Besplatna e i dostapna na site vasi uredi. ------------------------------------------ "Svekickata Ogi" (“Ogi Candle”) is a Macedonian children's show by Dreamland, the leading provider and operator of indoor child playgrounds in Macedonia. The show’s goal is to offer Macedonia's youngest viewers original content that is both entertaining and educational. It’s a response to the multitude of clickbait videos aimed at children as well to the lack of YouTube content for toddlers and preschoolers in the Macedonian language. The weekly show premiered on YouTube in September, 2018, and was welcomed with positive feedback from both children and parents. The show revolves around Ogi, a magical birthday candle, and his friends Torticka (Cupcake), Lila the Hippo and Bubu the Owl. Together they play, sing songs, go in adventures and learn words, numbers, shapes and a lot of exciting things about the world. By the end of 2018 “Svekickata Ogi” has gathered more than a half a million views which is a substantial number for the Macedonian DMA of just 2 million people. Two months after its YouTube premiere, the show was picked up by one of Macedonia's national TV channels, Television 24 (, where it airs on the weekends. "Svekickata Ogi" is also the first YouTube show to produce Macedonian language versions of the most popular nursery rhymes around the world with professional musicians in a recording studio. PRODUCTION DETAILS: The creator and executive producer of “Svekickata Ogi” is the Media Tag production company.МедиаТаг The story, characters and screenplays for each episode have been developed and written exclusively for the “Svekickata Ogi” show. All of the video content used in "Svekickata Ogi" has been produced solely for the purpose of the show and the screenplays are enacted by professional actors. All of the graphic elements such as animated characters, props and environments featured in the show have been either fully designed for the purpose of the show by the production company or have been acquired from third parties under the proper copyright licenses that allows for them to be commercially used in the final product, in their original state or in modified versions. All of the music and sound effects featured in the show have been either produced for the purpose of the show or have been acquired under proper copyright licenses for commercial use. Some of the used sounds and music tracks are in the public domain and have been found in online collections such as the YouTube Audio Library. For any inquiries please contact us on our business email provided in our channel description. #СвеќичкатаОги #ДримлендИгротеки #ЗаПосреќноДетство #игротека #роденден
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