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Creative winter

Winter usually starts the festive mood and desire for creating and giving away. So we have started our imagination, took the paper, paint, glue, modify ideas from the internet and made ​​a remarkable New Year and winter works (greeting cards, ornaments, paintings, dolls ...). A simple way of making led to the fact that each operation can be adapted to different age groups or production can be divided for example. younger children of color, and older sister paper. The involvement of all members is initiated, pre-emphasis, however, came to the fore creativity and older. With joy and desire to take our ideas created we will create and invent something new to do or rewrite. Share your experience, work and help other parents to spend unforgettable moments in creative work with their children.
New Year greetingsNew Year's works 3
New Year's papers
New Year's works 2

Find the number under the snow

Introducing preschoolers with numbers is recommended to achieve the closest and most frequently activity, game. One of the fun game based on finding and counting the objects is called "I Spy". Games can be played in two ways. In the first variant of the task to find, count and write in the appropriate field, given how many objects hiding in the picture. Another variant of the game consists in to find a certain number of assigned items eg. 9 flakes. Learning the sequence of numbers may be linked to the development of fine motor skills through practice in which the numbers marked cut and glued to the place where they belong. Research ghost child and spontaneous learning packed into one driven by the most natural form of learning, learning through play. Whether it is about numbers, letters, or knowledge of the world around us, the content presented on children receptive mode is the method by which you get satisfied with a child, motivated to invest in their development and to compete with themselves. Uloganjem in child through building motivation for discovery, learning and working habits in preschool period, paves the way for the development of autonomy, which is much needed modern child in school period.
I Spy 2
I špijun1

Continue this sequence numbers

Cold winter-lucky number

Interest for the numbers of children begins very early, and it is therefore necessary skill that adults should take advantage of this moment and provide appropriate material. Getting to know the numbers should be presented as a spontaneous activity in which they enter the game elements. One of the proposals for the introduction to the thumbnail page numbers are counting elemetana related to winter and their connection with the symbol.
In addition to the basic functions of this job entertaining material can be used as a base for exploring the seasons, the weather, the animals in the winter and the like. His purpose may determine or adults to lead children's issues.
Counting winter Counting winter 3
Counting Winter 2 Counting winter 1
Counting 4

Dot, dot, dot

Connecting the dots by Numbers is a fun and useful activity that is often found in the worksheets for kids. In addition to helping preschool children to learn numbers, it is excellent for establishing coordination of eye and hand. Winter SPOT welding begin a beautiful snowy scenes.
SPOT welding SPOT welding
SPOT welding 4SPOT welding 3
SPOT welding 1
  SPOT welding 2
For slightly older children, we propose an on-line game in which you need to connect the dots with only a certain number of straight lines http://www.igre.hr/igre/spoji-tockice-connect-the-dots /. Enjoy the challenges in accordance with their interests and maturity :)  

Winter idyll grafomotorička

The preschool period, according to the famous sports educator Janko Leskošek includes age from 3 to 7 years. This development framework represents a period of intensive development in the verbal, motor, manual, emotional direction, where the child violently moves from one stage to another. The most important activity in this age, and at the same time the most important incentive for the development of the child is, and remains, the game. Throughout the game will develop, establish certain behaviors, learn various concepts and acquire numerous experiences.
The period of preparation for school, many associated with the learning of reading and writing, which is just one of the aspects of preparing for a new working environment and pedagogical sense involves the development of graph customized development opportunities the child. Fine motor skills or GRAPHOMOTOR exercise through play, from the earliest age (through games threading laces through tiny holes, stringing buttons, modeling clay, painting, playing with cubes), while in the preschool period focused on the differentiation of small controlled movements with coordination between the toes and the eye. GRAPHOMOTOR is essential for success quickly and easily establish writing skills, so it is advisable to start practicing as soon as possible.
Offer children such as working material that it is the latest and most interesting game in the world and enjoy its effects and its work.

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The logical sequence - for children

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Teach children to logically think through images.  Children will learn what is in front, behind, beside ...
The first image is a small preschoolers.
Images can cut that brings the kids in the correct order.

This picture is for older preschoolers and our little graders :)

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