Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Quick tips on what should be the real Kai Hemorrhoids

- Discharge for each to be used only cold water

-To take care not to appear constipation
-Not to nadraznuva želudnikot with alcoholic beverages
-Not the kind used in the food salted, seasoned angry and edible
-Keep an eye on colds, especially in the lower part of the body
-That avoids dolgotrajnoto odenje and work in Stoeckli položba
-Never to sit on the cold, especially in the metal
-Discharge for each to be used only cold water
-Daily to real enema with chamomile tea and edelweiss.
First sitting down spas for hemorrhoids
2 enema for hemorrhoids that the bloody
3 Mast for early and hemorrhoids
4 Coating for hemorrhoids
5 Nutrition and medical treatment Kai piles
If the bloody hemorrhoids:
-VOLČJA Note (DIV Jerusalem artichokes). Flowers of giant jerusalem artichoke is prepared as tea and a platter. Krvavenjeto terminated for 2-3 days, and for several days the disease completely disappears.
2.PRESLICA, horse gird. Used tincture 2 lašički isitneta herb is overflowing with cups hot water, it leaves an hour, the proceduva. The pie in the sip throughout the day.