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Creative Center , a publishing house in Belgrade, founded in 1989. year. Following its basic objectives, such as developing children's creativity, encourage socializing children and adults, improving creative methods in education, fostering better relations among people, and caring for nature, Creative Center has become a leading publisher of books for children in Serbia. Today Creative Center offers over seven hundred titles that are classified into four age groups: for children up to five years for pre-school children, for children and for adults who work with children - parents, educators, teachers.
54th International Belgrade Book Fair Creative Center was named publisher 2009..
Many editions of the Creative Center in previous years have received major awards for children's literature. For the best children's book 2006th was declared a collection of poems and stories by Vladimir Andric - "Give me the wings of a circle." Publications Creative Center have been translated into several languages ​​and published in more than twenty countries, from England to South Korea, which are also warmly received by readers.
Creative Center has become the end of 2005. Was a member of the European Society of textbook publishers ( EEPG ), which is a recognition of the results achieved in the production of books over the past few years. EEPG awarded 2007a. Reward the creative center of the textbook "The music culture of the third grade of elementary school" at a book fair in Frankfurt. This book won the second place in the category for best primary school textbook, and evaluated the contents of the book, design, and marketing.
Here's Choice Award, which is for their publications received Creative Center :
  • Belgrade International Book Fair 2002 - Award for the best book for children went to the collection of folk songs for children in the handkerchief of apples
  • Belgrade International Book Fair 2003 - Award for children's book of the year went to the library adventures
  • Award Neven 2004 - Dobrosav Bob Zivkovic to illustrate the book angrily meče Brane Crncevic and Jasminka Petrovic and Ani Pešikan for popular science book for how to become and remain stupid
  • Fourth Christmas Book Fair 2005 - Award for children's literature for innovative, imaginative and modern editorial policy in the field of children's books
  • Belgrade International Book Fair 2005 - Award for the best children's book went to the book of folk songs and dances
  • Award Neven 2005 - Tihomir Celanovic to illustrate the book Fables Radomir Putniković
  • First Spring International Book Fair in Novi Sad in 2006 - Golden Charter publisher the creative center of Belgrade
  • Belgrade International Book Fair 2006 - Fair Award for the best children's book IN 2006. Went to the book Give me wings another round of Vladimir Andric
  • TransConflict children's games - Rade Obrenovic - for best novel for children published IN 2006. assigned Jasminka Petrovic for his book This is the scariest day of my life
  • Award City Library - Gligorije Vozarović - the best publishers IN 2006.
  • Award Neven 2006 - Milan Pavlovic, Ivica Stevanovic and Bones Milovanovic to illustrate books give me wings a circle Vladimir Andric
  • Belgrade International Book Fair 2007 - Award for best book went to the edition of Adventures
  • Award Neven 2007 - Tomislav SENĆANSKI the book Miracles of electricity in the category of best books for children in the field of popular science
  • Belgrade International Book Fair 2008 - Award for the best children's book went to the edition Anecdotes , and prizes were awarded for the best fair presentation and awards ULUPUDUS the contribution Serbian illustration
  • International Book Fair in Herceg Novi 2009 - book for each girl Violeta Babic was named Children's Book of the Year
  • Award children's criticism - Obradovic's pen in 2008 - Dejan Aleksic story collection Music seeks ears for the best children's book
  • Book Fair in Banja Luka in 2009 - book for each girl Violeta Babic received the award Gomionica for best children's book
  • Award Neven 2008 - Miroljub Milutinovic Anything to illustrate books defense and warfare
  • Belgrade International Book Fair 2009 - Award for publisher of the year
  • Award Neven 2009 - Nedeljka Todorovic for the book Meteorology in the category of best books for children in the field of popular science
  • Book Fair in Banja Luka 2010 - The story of a good broom Dejan Aleksic won the award Gomionica for best children's book
  • Book Fair in Banja Luka in 2011 - Very rare short story Brane Cvetkovic received the award Gomionica for best children's book
  • Award Neven 2010 - Dusan PETRIČIĆ to illustrate the book House Ghosts , published by the Creative Center
  • Belgrade International Book Fair in 2011 - prizes ULUPUDUS Dusan Pavlic for the illustrations in the book very rare short story Brane Cvetkovic
See excerpts from the monograph published in 2009. Occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the first book of the Creative Center:
Financial Report of the Center for Creative 2008th year you can see on this page .
The full name of the legal entity: Creative Center - a company for publishing, manufacturing and trading company with limited liability, Belgrade Address: Gradištanska 8, 11120 Belgrade activity and activity code: publishing books 5811 Registration Number: 06761950 VAT Number: 100 213 493 Website: www.kreativnicentar rs. ,
Phone: 011/3820 464 483 3820 Contact e-mail:

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Пореметување на сонот

Како последица на несоницата често доаѓа до покачена телесна тежина.  Доцните и несоодветни оброци кои го отежнуваат варењето и дополнително го пореметуваат сонот, треба да се прескокнат.

1.    Во 300 мл вода ставете една лажица ситно сецкани плодови од шипка и варете ги 5 минути. Во овој чај додадете 2-3 листови нане и под капак оставете да отстои два часа. Потоа процедете, засладете со мед и пијте го наместо вода, пред спиење.

2.    Осум часа треба да отстојат 2-3 лажичиња здробени плодови глог во пола литар вода. Потоа ставете ги кратко да вријат, процедете и засладете со мед. Од оваа напивка пијте два пати на ден по еден филџан за кафе.

3.    Во еден литар вино ставете 100 гр. маак да отстои десет дена со често промешување. Потоа процедете во стаклено шише, и пијте од виното по една до две чашки (за ракија) пред спиење.

4.    Две лажици цвет од портокал прелијте ги со 200 мл врела вода.
Оставете под капак да отстои 10 минути. Процедете и пијте го два пати на ден, наутро и навечер, свежо подготвен.

5.    Изедете две јаболки кои претходно сте ги свариле во вино.